Passkey / WebAuthn Overview

Keyri enables you to use Passkeys with any backend as well as over QR, with your user scanning a QR code and being taken to their mobile browser to complete their biometrics check, which in turn authorizes their desktop browser application.

Below is a high level overview of what setting up passkeys with our architecture looks like.

Web App

  1. Add the QR iframe to your login page
  2. Install the library
  3. Configure the library to handle user-triggered events registration, authentication, etc
  4. Set up the library to handle QR-triggered events (info from API - risk data, errors, registrations, etc)


  1. Set up passkey registration endpoint
  2. Create passkey validation endpoint

Mobile Browser Page

Create one simple page that will be used to handle the biometric check when the user scans the passkey QR code.

  1. Import the library
  2. Handle Registration Events
  3. Handle Authentication Events

If you have any questions or need support, feel free to reach out to our team at