Keyri brings together authentication and fraud protection workflows that offer a frictionless and secure digital customer experience.

Through a multi-layered security solution that gets to the device and application level, we are able to prevent fraud in real time while offering a seamless experience to customers.

  1. Authentication: Our passwordless authentication suite enables biometric + cryptographic key authentication on all platforms and devices, providing a seamless user experience, strengthening multifactor account security, and reducing reliance on SMS one-time passcodes.

  2. Real-Time Fraud Prevention: Our fraud prevention platform offers a way to monitor user authentication events across devices, sessions, and IP/location, and provides associated risk signals to prevent fraud in real time. Keyri alerts companies if potentially nefarious activity is occurring, such as a user signing up with a device that has already created an account, logging in with a new device, trying to open or log into multiple accounts, or one user account is being accessed by multiple devices.

  3. Mobile Application Security: Our mobile SDKs improve the security of mobile applications by detecting jailbroken/rooted devices, swizzled, tampered, and malicious code during runtime. Additionally, we fully obfuscate our SDKs to prevent attackers from reverse engineering our methods. These mobile security features empower developers to safeguard their applications against malicious attacks and practices.


  • Cryptography-based phishing resistant MFA
  • Passwordless authentication suite including QR code login/transaction verification
  • High accuracy device fingerprinting and intelligence
  • Real time fraud prevention
  • Custom rules engine for policy management
  • Proprietary session token lock and tracking to prevent malware based ATO attacks
  • Developer ease of use and integration with existing IAM and tech stack.

Get started by signing up for a free account on the Keyri dashboard (opens in a new tab) and reading these docs. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at