Mobile SDKs

Keyri's mobile SDKs (currently available for Android (Kotlin/Java) and iOS (Swift/Obj-C)) handle the secure cryptographic key generation, key storage, encryption, websocket communications, desktop agent identification, session management, and QR scanning required to make a QR login system work. SDKs for React Native and Flutter are coming soon.

The SDKs include pre-built QR login UIs that you can use to finish the mobile side of the system quickly. This pre-built UI can be customized to match your app's aesthetic. Alternatively, you can call the SDK's lower-level functions to build your own entirely custom QR login UI/UX.

Our SDKs and API allow your customers to scan your login QR code from anywhere - from within your app or with their phone's built-in camera app. The latter case is handled by App Links (Android) and Universal Links (iOS). The mobile SDK documentation here will walk you through how to set this up.

As a bonus, Keyri's mobile SDKs also allow you to send custom encrypted payloads from your app to precisely addressed backend, web frontend, and even mobile endpoints, allowing you to build features that go beyond QR login functionality.