Standard Event Types

The risk rules engine is preconfigured to accept common event types that are seen throughout the user journey. These event types are used by the built-in rules for specific analyses. In addition to these preconfigured events, you can also specify custom event types when sending the request to Keyri and use those custom event types in custom rules.

Standard Authentication Events

Event TypeDescription
LoginEvents that involve authenticating existing users to your service.
SignupEvents that involve authenticating a new user on your service.

Standard Transaction Events

Event TypeDescription
DepositEvents that involve a user placing money in a bank account.
PurchaseEvents that involve a user paying money.
WithdrawalEvents that involve a user taking money out of a bank account.

Standard Access Events

Event TypeDescription
AccessEvents that involve an authenticated user accessing your service.
VisitEvents that involve an unauthenticated user accessing your service.

Other Events

Event TypeDescription
Attach DeviceEvents that are for the sole purpose of adding a trusted device, such as is the case when a user authenticates via Keyri QR authentication.
Email ChangeEvents that involve changing a user’s email address for your service.
Password ResetEvents that involve changing a user’s password for your service.
Profile UpdateEvents that involve a user updating their profile on your service.