Fraud Prevention

Real-Time Fraud Prevention

Keyri's fraud prevention platform provides a way for companies to monitor user events across devices and sessions and provides associated risk signals to prevent fraud in real time. The basis for Keyri's solution falls into three categories: data ingestion, risk analyzation, and event determination.

  • Data Ingestion: Keyri's SDKs and JavaScript libraries ingest two categories of data, device-based data and contextual IP/location-based data. On the device-based data front, Keyri provides powerful tools that prevent bad actors from analyzing your users' devices at critical moments in their journey. The Keyri mobile SDKs provide useful methods for permanently associating users with their devices, and our JavaScript fingerprinting agent can be used to fingerprint your users' browsers, whether they're on incognito/private browsing or not. On the location-based data front, Keyri ingests and generates intelligence on IP, location, and country of access to block known attacker IPs and flag suspect networks.
  • Risk Analysis: Keyri's system ingests data and associates it with events, such as registration, login, access, or transaction verification. Data from each event is then analyzed and run through both pre-configured and customized risk signals, including device, account, and IP-based signals, to determine the relative risk of each event.
  • Event Determination & Real-Time Prevention: Keyri's system then provides full customizability to allow, warn, or deny users in real-time based on predetermined risk signal settings. Self-service customers can configure their settings on the risk management page in the Keyri dashboard or use recommending settings provided by Keyri. Keyri works directly with enterprise customers to determine optimal risk outcomes for custom signals.