Mobile App Security

Mobile App Security

Keyri SDKs are embedded with a suite of security checks as outlined below. These are best in class standalone features that can be utilized when Keyri methods are called or be implemented throughout your mobile application for protection against code tampering, runtime manipulation, and reverse engineering.

  • Emulator detection
  • Jailbreak detection
  • Method swizzle detection
  • Presence of known malicious apps and packages on the device
  • Code tamper detection
  • Runtime injection detection


Keyri automatically runs application security checks upon the instantiation of the Keyri object built into our SDKs. Simply calling the Keyri constructor will trigger each of the checks. The SDK is configured to terminate the application if any of these checks fail, as the entire runtime environment and all of the data within your application can potentially be compromised in such a situation.

Please be sure to install Keyri mobile SDKs as outlined in our documentation: SDK installation and initialization

Enabling Emulator Detection

The SDK constructor has blockEmulatorDetection set to true by default. This is to allow for local development of your application on an emulator without the SDK terminating the application. If you would like to deny the running of your application on emulators, set this parameter to false when you want to deploy your app for production use.

let keyri = KeyriInterface(appKey: appKey, blockEmulatorDetection: true)