Keyri QR Login for AlphaPoint APEX Mobile Apps

Mobile app integration for Keyri's QR login system is comprised of installing the Keyri SDKs in the APEX-powered mobile apps as well as creating a getApiCredentials() function for a specific APEX WebSocket API call, examples of which are in the iOS App Integration and Android App Integration pages. The same can be done in apps created with Flutter or React Native.

In summary:

  1. Create the getApiCredentials() function in your mobile app, which will return temporary API login credentials for your user

  2. Invoke the function whenever the user scans the QR code - either through your app's existing QR code scanner or through a deep link (Universal Link or App Link)

  3. Stringify and pass in the API credentials you receive from APEX into Keyri's initiateQrSession() method as the payload

The Keyri API includes adaptive UI elements for the confirmation screens, so you don't have to do any design work for your mobile app if you wish not to.