Device Fingerprinting

Device Fingerprinting

Keyri provides powerful tools for fingerprinting your users' devices, in both your mobile app and web app. The Keyri mobile SDKs provide useful methods for permanently associating users with their devices, and our Javascript fingerprinting agent (opens in a new tab) can be used to fingerprint your users' browsers, whether they're on incognito/private browsing or not.

Use Cases

  1. Avoid accidental multiple account creation: during your registration flow, detect in the background even in an unauthenticated state, whether the user has used an account for your service in the past regardless of what credentials they are using to register the new account. While the user goes through your registration flow, you can call methods in the Keyri mobile SDK (on mobile) or our Javascript fingerprinting agent (opens in a new tab), and if they return an account or list of accounts that have been used on that device before, you can suggest or force the user to log into one of those existing accounts, even if they used a different email address or phone number to attempt registering the new account.

  2. Avoid fraudulent multiple account creation: using the same existing-account-detection functionality outlined above, you can stop users from creating multiple accounts to exploit your app, such as signup bonus abuse and free trial abuse

  3. Permaban bad actors: while you can easily ban individual bad actor accounts by changing their account profiles / access rights, those same individuals can simply create new accounts and sockpuppets. Keyri fingerprinting utilities can help you ensure that, for this group of users, creating a new account is more difficult than simply providing new credentials, such as a different email address, phone number, or a fresh re-installation of your app. Regardless of what new credentials or account identifiers these bad actors input while registering a new account, Keyri utilities will inform you that they have already created at least one account before.

Read on for details on implementing:

  1. Mobile app fingerprinting
  2. Web fingerprinting
Last updated on February 2, 2023