AlphaPoint APEX System


As an AlphaPoint Gold Partner, Keyri has a first-class integration with the APEX exchange system that can be implemented in an afternoon. The integration provides instantaneous QR login on APEX web interfaces through simple modifications to your web app and mobile app. Keyri QR login is over 90% faster than conventional 2-factor authentication and is substantially more secure.

Keyri's QR login system allows users to sign into an APEX-powered web portal just by scanning a QR code located on the login page if they have the associated APEX-powered mobile app installed. This system provides additional security in the form of automatic biometric verification and makes login easier by removing the need for the user to type in their email address, password, and 2FA code.

Technical Overview

The technical principles behind Keyri's QR login implementation with the APEX system are as follows.

  1. Once the user scans the login QR code, the mobile app asks the APEX WebSocket gateway to provision a temporary API key and API secret for the given UserId.
  2. These three items are then loaded into the Keyri SDK as the payload, which encrypts them and sends them to the Keyri Widget on the browser.
  3. The browser Widget decrypts these items, and using a frontend script custom-made for APEX systems, generates a login signature and authenticates the user with APEX, receiving a SessionToken in return.
  4. The browser script de-provisions the temporary API credentials from the APEX system.
  5. The browser script uses the SessionToken to log the user in.

The entire system employs end-to-end encryption. The encryption key is a shared secret simultaneously generated by the browser and mobile device when the QR code is scanned, meaning it is never transmitted over the internet. The Keyri API is a relay server connecting the mobile app to the web browser. All credentials transmitted through it are encrypted from the mobile client and can only be decrypted by the original browser client.


Integrating Keyri QR login into an APEX-powered system is comprised of two simple components:

  1. Mobile App Setup
  2. Web App Integration

Updated 21 Jun 2022
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